Corroboree Empire Indigenous Corporation

Corroboree Empire is a standalone Indigenous entity registered under the ‘Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations’ (ORIC) and with Supply Nation.  This partnership was formed in 2015 when the Corroboree Group and Empire Management Services partnered together to bring about positive change within the Indigenous community.

As Corroboree Empire is incorporated under the Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Act, it is a 100% Indigenous entity and is configured with members and directors (not shareholders). 

Corroboree Empire is an organisation fully equipped to provide immediate cleaning and hygiene services to clients whilst also being able to make an immediate “real Indigenous difference” with its strong Indigenous community links. 

Our capability includes access to a pool of experienced and skilled staff including those with an Indigenous heritage, management systems, IT resources, specialist equipment, cultural support, mentoring programs and training.

Contact us to see how Corroboree Group can assist you, and to see how together we can make a real difference.​