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25+ Years of Experience

Corroboree Certis is one of the most trusted names in security management in Australia. We have been innovating in physical and technological security solutions for businesses and corporations. Our team of highly trained and professional security guards, officers, and emergency response team perform custom security services to upgrade the current security environment of companies. Leading companies and organisations in Australia have been availing Corroboree's result-driven host of premium services for management, security, and customer service, including concierge services. With the legacy of a 25 years, we are the top security company you can trust to act round the clock.

Physical Security

Our physical security team is highly trained, inducted, and available for deployment at all times. They mainly comprise certified security specialists who have undergone a rigid professional training regime and are committed to providing world-class security coverage. Whether your business needs security guards and officers, or enforcement officers, or specially certified officers such as NV1 cleared security officers and RIW trained security officers, we have guaranteed solutions for you. Our K9 services are a speciality that are covered subsequently. We cover all essential security services including CCTV monitoring, patrols, asset protection, monitoring and inspections, alarm response, incidence reporting, access control and maintenance checks, etc.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are essential services for urgent response as well as routine 24-hour security services. Our patrol resources include vehicles and officers designated to specific locations and clients depending on the service requested. Our service is cost-effective, transparent and efficient with the least alarm response time. We are constantly working on bettering our standards and exceeding client expectations through innovation, personnel readiness and improved foresight to security threats. Each officer has a sound understanding of our own fully integrated communication system and receives directions for our operations center. We take care to provide the best response to even the slightest disturbances and cover a range of offerings including perimeter patrols, site inspections, emergency response, etc.

Traffic Management

Our professional, cost-effective and efficient traffic management services cater to the public and private sectors. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety while undertaking traffic management for airports, road work, or event patrol and crowd control services. Our vast experience in traffic management makes us reliable as we understand tight deadlines and flexible requirements.We provide conflict-free total traffic management services for road work, covering the personnel requirements, equipment, permits and implementation. Other traffic manager services include airport drop-off and kerb management services, as well as specific event security services such as crowd control.

Integrated Technology Solutions

Our integrated technology solutions framework covers the modern requirements of an evolving digital world, such as technology for business operations, networking, security, analytics and intelligent surveillance, customer service, infrastructure solutions, and IoT based monitoring services. We are a trusted security partner optimising performance of firms across the technology landscape of Australia. We have been rigorously building and deploying robust, cost-effective, and innovative security systems and infrastructural support services to corporations and enterprises across Australia.

National Operations Centre

Our National Operations Centre (NOC) is the hub of all communications within Corroboree Certis. It is the point of coordination and connectivity for the thousands of operations we carry out in our many lines of work, such as administration, logistics, scheduling, and compliance for hundreds of personnel engaged in security, patrol officers, managers, and other staff to ensure that services are always delivered to the mandated quality standards. The NOC centrally directs, manages, and coordinates personnel activity 24/7 and swiftly rises to action for emergency response as well as surge requests.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Outsourcing is a great way for companies to save time and resources while ensuring the delivery of high-quality services. Corroboree Certis extends a full range of professional, timely and cost-effective HR and management outsourcing solutions that enhance your company's performance by letting you focus more on your core business areas. Our trained professionals can assist your company in areas where you need the hands of an expert, such as human resources management - recruitments, payroll management, background checks, etc, and facilities management, technical and industry-leading training services, healthcare support, insurance, etc.

Concierge and Customer Service

We deliver end-to-end services tailored for our customers. Consistent outcomes and behaviour is always welcomed by consumers as a wholesome positive experience in interacting with them. That is why Corroboree Certis extends a complete range of concierge and customer services including corporate reception, guest inquiries, usher services, meeting and greeting customers, visitor escort, administration assistance, booking services, and allocating visitor parking. We take pride in being a company that knows people. We hire our customer service associates after a behavioural assessment for courteousness and friendly demeanour for 100% customer satisfaction.

Access Control

Minimize the risk of unauthorised access to your physical systems through a comprehensive access control solution from Corroboree Certis. We have qualified and experienced access control guards for restricting access to designated areas while providing regular, timely access to all authorised personnel. We follow a three-step process of authentication of a person through valid documents, authorization to use certain resources, and finally, access to them. Our access control services go a long way in maintaining the safety and decorum of your workplace or site. We rigorously implement strategies for continuous checks at access points through updated entry and exit logs, visitor logs, photo and access ID checks, and additional authentication steps if necessary.

K9 Services

Corroboree Certis is a premium provider of fast, fully-trained, and intelligent dog teams that detect the presence of hazardous materials like explosives, narcotics, or intruders. We work with licensed handlers who have had previous military or police experience and train them well for a fixed duration course. Our world-class training has paid off as the successful deployment of fast response dog teams with their mobile patrol units across Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland. With the prompt and specialised incident response that our K9 teams are trained for, you can rest assured that any potential threat to your life and assets is neutralized and regular life continues undisrupted.

Key Management

A key management system controls the access to various locations and assets in your organization. It also decides who can access them and when. Every organization needs to maintain records of key usage, especially when the organization has a high security risk or regulatory requirements. We offer a strong key safe with access controls that allows permission to specific users. Corroboree Certis implements key management systems depending on the requirements of the business. Being an important element of security, we offer the option of simple solutions such as a pegboard and paper-based log system for key management, as well as digital solutions and electronic key management systems. This gives more insight and accuracy about key usage reducing human involvement.

Screening Services

All important and crowded locations pose security threats to millions of people everyday. A quick and efficient way to get rid of such threats and risks is by means of screening services. Our comprehensive screening solutions cover screening services for baggage, passengers, mail rooms, freight, and cargo. Our screening solutions are used by clients to meet growing security and operational needs at airports, government building and courts, corporate companies, private events, and other crowded locations. Corroboree Certis has solutions to screen vistors, passengers, cargo, and baggage. Our trained and certified frontline security officers and specialised equipment make passenger screenings efficient and hassle-free with their friendly yet safety-first approach.

Work Safety Officers

Our Work Safety Officers work alongside construction site workers and authorities to supervise the worksite and conduct work safety functions, thereby creating, implementing and ensuring the overall safety of aircraft operations. We also offer vehicle escorting services in accordance with the prevailing aviation security requirements. We prioritise the safety and smooth conduct and planning at all times adhering to the safety policies and regulations in place for aerodrome works. Developing mitigation strategies, avoiding hazardous work situations, and charting response plans for accidents are some the responsibilities of our work safety officials. Whenever necessary, our professional construction administration and safety team also provides information required to maintain the safety of aircraft operations.

Temperature Testing

With the Covid-19 pandemic taking the world by storm, monitoring abnormal body temperature as a symptom has become a routine task for organizations. We have put together our professional and experienced security services as well as equipment and products for thermal scanning. We assist you with measurement and monitoring of the body temperature of your staff and visitors. Such a measure can be effective in reducing the spread of Covid-19 further and can keep your associates and yourself safe.

Corroboree Certis Indigenous Corporation

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