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At Corroboree ICT we provide contingent labour hire staff to fill ICT roles across private and public sectors. Our team of ICT professionals have a diverse range of skill sets covering specialisations in Networking, Software Programming and Development, ICT security, and ICT Systems and Business Analysis.


Our team of network engineers are experts in the design and development of enterprise network infrastructure architecture. Specialists in analyzing and evaluating existing system specification data and models, our team has extensive experience in troubleshooting, analyzing, and solving network issues by researching and optimizing systems for performance.

Installing, configuring, and administering networks are our strengths. Our team of dedicated professionals can provide strong network support including regular improvements to your systems, software, hardware, security, operating systems, and communications.

Upon project completion, our team can provide our clients with up to date training and handover materials covering all relevant systems and network operations, including a comprehensive handover to in-house staff. They can also prepare and maintain network inventory procedures and documentation, and record all diagnosis and resolution of network faults and enhancements, and any modifications to the networks.

ICT Systems and Business Analysts

Our systems and business analysts are experts at researching investigating analyzing, and formulating customers' business requirements. Our team will evaluate our client's business processes, practices, and procedures and provide improvement suggestions and business plans. We can provide professional end to end project management, working within our clients’ scope of plans, costs and risks. Our team utilize proven professional project management methodologies, techniques, and principles to develop and manage project plans and resources, and control risks and costs. Our staff analyze our clients’ specific business requirements and develop optimal systems to provide the best solution. We design and develop user training documentation, operation menus, and user guidelines and can conduct training courses to help customers. We provide information, guidance, and assistance in the project decision-making process based on our clients’ requirements.

Software Development and Programming

Our software experts are experts in researching, consulting, analyzing, and evaluating the system requirements to develop software according to our clients’ specific needs. Our software team provides system architecture design and development by using various languages and platforms.

We provide software testing, modifying, and evaluating the established systems within testing protocols, quality standards, and application requirements. We also provide strong support in system maintenance, upgrading, disaster recovery, and roll-back operations. We provide user operating documents and conduct user training courses for customers.

Moreover, our software engineers are team players who strive to work alongside the network, system, and database engineers to develop an integrity system. We continually monitor software performances, find and resolve bugs and suggest improvements.

ICT and Cyber Security

Our ICT Cyber security team are experts in the operational establishment and preventive maintenance of recovery procedures, backups, and enforcing security and integrity controls. We perform system security and disaster recovery and implement security and disaster recovery procedures. We liaise with security vendors, suppliers, service providers, customers, and external resources to analyze, troubleshoot, and solve security issues.

We provide professional security skills to monitor, analyze and evaluate system security and recommend improvements. We are experts in troubleshooting, diagnosing, resolving, and repairing systems, hardware, software, and application malfunctions. We are masters at monitoring, analyzing, and evaluating system performance and security, and preparing and maintaining documentation, policies, and instructions. Our team are able to record and detail operational procedures and system logs.

Preparing and making operation guidance for the end user are our strengths, ensuring sure the system is running at secure and optimal performance. We continually survey the current systems to determine future security needs and make recommendations for enhancements to the current system implementation.

Contractor Care

Our clients can be assured our contractors are looked after by the best in the industry, as we outsource our payroll function to Achieve Corp, experts in payroll management and salary packaging. Being a CPA Accounting Firm and Registered Tax Agent, Achieve Corp supports Corroboree ICT in offering the following benefits to all it’s contractors:

Weekly pay
Premium Payroll Management
Superannuation salary packaging
Motor vehicle salary packaging
FBT exempt items salary packaged
Workers Compensation Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Unlimited on-site parking costs tax deductible
Basic tax return included
No lock-in, exit fees or minimum period

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