At Corroboree Group, We offer full Security Services & Technology!

We are one of the leading Australian security companies providing certified top quality security services to individuals, businesses, and a larger Australian community.

Customized To Your Needs

We are a certified security company that always exceeds expectations of our customers with exceptionally trained security guards and coordinated concierge services.

Dependable Security Services

We believe in being available 24x7. Our mobile patrol services, guards and personal protection guards are reliable and extremely responsible. Trust us to execute your security needs in the strictest and most rigorous manner.

Licensed And Fully Insured

Our high quality security services meet client requirements as well as applicable statutory and regulatory standards. The Corroboree Group is committed to quality, and are improving our performance and standards every day.

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Government Sector

As one of the biggest providers of government and public sector security services, the Corroboree Group provides a full range of value-added security services. Since its inception, the company has been a leading name among Australian security companies. We are experts in protection for government properties, infrastructure, and intellectual property.

Over the years, we have closely worked with government institutions to provide security solutions for a wide range of scenarios. We are heavily equipped with highly trained security guards, monitoring and access control solutions for restricted areas, mobile patrol vans on major streets, parking lots, parks, 24/7 civilian oversight services, event security solutions and crowd management solutions and security services and administrative support in detention centers.

Public Sector

At Corroboree, we are fully capable of taking up large public sector security contracts. We have rigorous compliance systems in place to meet existing regulatory standards. The Corroboree Group's public sector security services are offered by highly-trained security professionals supported by world-class technology and equipment. We have some of the shortest response times and strictest regulations in place for security standards in whichever public sector enterprise we operate.

Events & Party Security

Any party or event requires security measures. Be it a private party, corporate event or a wedding, the safety of your guests is of utmost importance. Depending on the size and location of events, parties, cultural festivals, trade shows, sports events, etc present some unique security concerns. Being a reputed professional security services company in Australia, The Corroboree Group can partner with event producers and management teams to ensure complete addressing of all potential threats and risks.

Our crop of top rated, highly trained, professional and discrete private party security personnel are experienced at tackling an array of difficult security issues people at after parties and events might face. We can help you maintain the fun and excitement aspect of your fundraisers, movie premier, concerts, after parties or social gatherings while not compromising on competence and precision in security solutions.

Construction Sites

Many incidents of theft, vandalism and trespassing occur regularly on construction sites. Estimates show that the value of stolen equipment from various construction sites amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars, with low recovery rates.

As a responsible manager or supervisor of a construction site you must recognise the security loopholes and overall safety requirements of your project. Since the financial risks of theft and vandalism are high, with implications on a personal as well as project level, analysing safety and security concerns is critical to the success of your construction project.

We provide 24/7 construction site security from experienced security guards in the industry. Every guard undergoes rigorous training and is adept at handling the most intricate security issues. Our security consultants can also work with you to create custom security solutions for the specific vulnerabilities of your construction site so as to meet your unique needs.

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Electronic Systems

Integrated security solutions including building surveillance systems, alarm systems, security key controls, security intercom systems.

Outstanding Team work

A diverse range of services including mobile patrols, concierge services, security guards, event security, monitoring, etc.

Full Security Barriers

A combination of technology and manpower to set barriers to intrusion at every level.

Technical Security

Advanced technical security measures such as building automation, energy management, hosted security, intrusion detection.

Crowd Management

Smooth crowd control techniques for government, private, business, VIP and social events.

Threat Risk Protection

Analysis and consultation of potential threats and risks prior to the event.

Corroboree Certis Indigenous Corporation

  • NSW: Master Licence 000102959
  • WA: Security Industry Licence 55560
  • NT: Security Firm Licence SFL1009
  • QLD: Security Firm Licence 4070030
  • SA: Security Agents Licence ISL 278874
  • TAS: Security Agents Licence 2134
  • ACT: Master Licence 17502453

Corroboree Security Services Indigenous Corporation

  • ACT: Master Licence 17502599