Our Indigenous Outcomes

Our Indigenous Outcomes

Achieving the Australian Government’s policy of increased Indigenous economic participation requires:

  • Cultural changes, such as:
  • Non-Indigenous Australia’s acceptance and celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural differences
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ participation in the broader social and economic life of contemporary Australia
  • Working together in the spirit of reconciliation to achieve positive cultural, social and economic outcomes
  • Champions and role models to promote change
  • Training, education and opportunity development
  • Employment, apprenticeships and entrepreneurship programs
  • Social and community programs

Our Aboriginal leaders within the Corroboree Group have a long history of implementing policies and programs to achieve the above.

The Corroboree Group achieves positive Indigenous outcomes through:

  • Cultural awareness and participation initiatives with our partners
  • Development and promotion of Champions and Role Models
  • Increasing skills so people are work ready
  • Real employment outcomes (within the Corroboree Group and in our shared sewrvices), including apprenticeships, cadetships and scholarships
  • Philanthropic social community initiatives

We engage the proceeds from Government contracts to fund our initiatives and programs, in accordance with the Government’s policies and objectives.