Why Choose Us

Why Purchase from the Corroboree Group?

The Corroboree Group can save you:

  • resources
  • time
  • effort

whilst delivering exceptional value for money solutions.

How do we achieve this?

  • Agencies can purchase directly from the Corroboree Group (refer CPRs Div 2 Exemption 17) saving time and money.
  • Suppliers can purchase from the Corroboree Group because we have established relationships with Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people meaning you achieve Indigenous targets for your contract.

Government and industry procurers need to weigh up the pros and cons when selecting a provider, such as:

  • Can they deliver quality goods and services on time?
  • Is the price right?
  • Are there transitional or reputational risks?
  • Does the business you are looking to select have Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander employees?

What You Get From Choosing Corroboree Group?

When selecting Corroboree, our commercial offer takes into account the costs of delivering real Indigenous differences in training, employment and social outcomes.

While our fees may not always be the lowest, they provide best value for money because any additional cost is well and truly offset by:

  • Reduced procurement cost to Government by being exempt from the resource and cost intensive CPR Division 2 rules that require:
  • approaching the open market
  • multiple submission evaluations
  • evaluation reporting
  • intensive auditing and scrutiny associated with ensuring the selection of the best value for money provider.
  • Achieving the Government’s Employment and Econmic Development policy outcomes, that benefit all of society.
  • interviews
  • Reduced cost to industry through not having many organisations bidding for the same work, with only one winner. The cost to industry is enormous which is recovered through increased fees. These expenses reduce their profitability which reduces their tax, resulting in less tax revenue to the Government.
  • Increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and business, thereby reducing associated government social benefits (i.e. reduced drain on the Budget)
  • Increases in tax revenues through more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and economic participation

Colin Williams

Managing Director

Jim Andriopoulos


Steve Moutafis

Business Advisor

Brendan Moyle

Project Manager