Industrial Services

Large-scale cleaning services for industries with equipment and manpower needs.

Commercial Services

Regular or periodic cleaning and maintenance activities for commercial establishments.

Special Services

Exclusive one-time special cleaning services packaged for events, parties, weddings, etc.

At Corroboree Empire

We focus on a host of services designed to create a better life for everyone. Our professional top-rated cleaning services are available on a one-time or recurring basis. Our cleaning process is always thorough, consistent and customized. Whether you have specific cleaning needs for your home, business, or office, we have you covered. Our cleaning crew is an amazing team that has been handpicked for their excellence in customer service and integrity. At Corroboree, we love what we do, and therefore, we are the best at what we do.

Our Cleaning Process

At Corroboree, we understand that each building's cleaning needs have to be approached in a different way.
Here's our five step cleaning process: To ensure strict and consistent quality with every service, we have our inspection and timekeeping systems that our clients can count on.

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Residential Cleaning

Your home is one of your most important spaces where you spend quality time with the ones you love. Returning to a shiny, squeaky-clean home after a long day at work or a taxing holiday is one of the best feelings in the world. Our professional cleaning crew is skilled and trained for specific residential cleaning requirements such as carpet and window cleaning, air duct cleaning, gutter cleaning, and more.

What's more, you don't need to worry about who you're letting into your residential block. Every member of our crew passes a rigorous interview and is rated highly by other customers before they are admitted to your homes. Our cleaning crew uses eco-friendly cleaning equipment that they bring with themselves. We seamlessly assign each client with a cleaning team and provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Commercial Buildings

At Corroboree, we have a wide array of cleaning services for commercial buildings, such as carpet and window cleaning, office cleaning, etc. A commercial establishment needs additional care and attention as well as cleaning regularly. We have a vetted and approved cleaning crew who take ownership of your business space and can transform it to shiny perfection every time. We have designed our professional office cleaning services to be affordable, reliable, and most importantly, consistent. Afterall, we are the commercial cleaning company you can depend on. Trust us to undertake proper dusting and vacuuming, and deliver due attention to detail and use of certified disinfection processes. Our cleaning company leaves nothing overlooked and deeply respects your time, budget and your space.

Industrial Cleaning

Our cleaning services also include specialised cleaning services for industrial facilities - factories, manufacturing units, storage houses, power plants, warehouses, etc. Since industrial cleaning requirements are generally made to align with constraints such as production schedules, our cleaning crew arrives prepared for a flexible and time-bound operation without interrupting the ongoing activities in the factory unit.

We also come with the specialized equipment and sanitization for all types of surfaces and industries. We are an industrial cleaning company that can operate quickly and flexibly to remove dirt and debris from critical workplaces where such an environment poses a threat to workers or equipment. Our staff is well trained to tackle heavy duty cleaning contracts such as floor cleaning, sanitization, disinfection, construction site maintenance, industrial carpet and upholstery cleaning, power washing, restroom cleaning and sanitization, and window and glass cleaning.

Government Departments

Government buildings are focal points of a country's interaction with its citizens. As they serve the community, these offices welcome a wide range of visitors everyday. Government buildings such as courthouses, police stations, public libraries, fire stations, etc receive potentially heavy foot traffic and handle multiple responsibilities. Since they're at the centre of so much activity, it is important that the government employees and the civilians who visit are both protected from harm by maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

Our industry-leading cleaning products and use of certified, thorough cleaning processes make us quick, efficient and consistent in technique and precision. Since government buildings require speed and quality above all, we deliver timely and reliable cleaning results. The time and frequency of the cleaning appointment can always be made to match your convenience and fit your schedule. We adhere to the best practices set forth by leading governmental organizations. Our trained, equipped and skilled cleaning crew works with the officials to develop a customized cleaning and janitorial plan based on your needs and budget.

Medical Centres

At Corroboree, we recognise that a medical environment is one of the most critical spaces in our life. Maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment for both patients and medical workers is not just a part of our work, it is also a moral responsibility. Trust us to navigate the most difficult processes to rigorously enforce the highest standards of cleanliness after a contract at a healthcare facility. As a professional medical centre cleaning service provider, we are equipped with the expertise, infrastructure, know-how and practical experience to deliver top quality sanitization, disinfection and maintenance of medical offices and hospitals. Here are some of the salient features of our cleaning program designed for medical environments:

- Prevention of infections
- Mitigation of infection risks
- Improvement of patient environment
- Cost management

Shopping Centres

It is a well understood fact that the experience that shoppers perceive at a shopping centre is heavily dependent on its cleanliness standards. If you fail to meet the expectations that customers have about their shopping environment, footfall drops drastically. You need sparkly clean windows, dust-free displays, clean carpets, ducts, vents, escalators, and more. Shopping centre managers realise the importance of timely cleaning schedules and reach out to us for an array of cleaning activities and schedules. These can be carried out on a recurring basis weekly, monthly, quarterly or periodically.

As we work with shops and malls, we work to minimise disruption and help people carry on with their experience undisturbed. We ensure and double check the quality uncompromisingly before handover.

Some of our works include:

- High level cleaning
- Atriums
- Elevators
- Glass facades
- Balustrades and other difficult-to-reach areas.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Windows are a great source of natural light in business and home environments. They are not just beautiful to look at, but also create a fun work environment. However, dirt and dust accumulate over time and ruin the overall impression and functionality that windows perform for your office space. To deal with discoloration and smudges, you need a professional's touch. The Corroboree Group's cleaning crew provides expert window cleaning services. We always ensure that we use special equipment and eco-friendly cleaning material irrespective of whether you need to clean French doors, sliding windows, storefronts or window screens. The right window cleaning services are just a click away.

End of Lease cleaning

When you're moving out of your home, there are so many things to be taken care of, especially when you have been living in a rented place. The daunting task of cleaning everything as per the agreement need no longer be a nightmare. We are specialists in contract cleaning services for end of lease requirements, with experience in helping tenants clean and tidy their property before leaving. These could include full apartment cleaning, carpet steaming, windows and wall cleaning, etc.

We're committed to complete satisfaction of our clients and always prioritise their requirements and try to align our services tailored to them.

Carpet Cleaning

People spend majority of their waking hours in the workplace. That’s why it is important to ensure that the office is conducive and safe for the employees. The challenges of cleaning an office space is different from cleaning residential space especially when it comes to carpet cleaning services and upholstery cleaning.

For example, the workplace has more tables, chairs, sofas, and other furnishings that are difficult to move. This calls for the services of professional office cleaning service company. It should also be noted that Unlike the home, offices tend to accumulate dirt, dust, and allergens faster due to the number of people who congregate on certain areas. The amount of foot traffic alone makes it a must to have regular office cleaning.

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